Hot Day Hotter Night

from by Psykokondriak




I'd like to see my friends
But I'm good on my own
No needs no goals nothing but freedom
The only thing I miss is a one-hour boom bap
Cause this feels like an endless afternoon, what?
Don't You ever think useless is beautiful
Shall we enjoy the day look it's full
Of pretty people outside
It's summertime
Shall we lay down on the grass
It could be fine

So do I, MC Body when I kick devil may cry
So sweet angel the situation between you and me should be fine
Ain't no sunshine that will turn you on the bad eye
Like Marty McFly I travel through the time
To bring you a mammoth in in a prehistoric rapline
More tentacular than Euroline
Make you cross the red line of Mankind
Jump !
You won't stay deaf and blind to the power of my funkadelic
The Dick is phallic
You know we are the hat and you are the rabbit
P.S.Y.K.O is full of magic

I'm not lazy, I'm just dizzy
I'm alone but it feels like a party
I'm in a good mood a smooth feeling
You'd better be ready 'cause I feel like eating
The whole world...
My heart beats backing the life beat but don't be bitchin'
Geez, breathe, that new born breeze
That came to kill it quick, clean, hygienic,
Super energetic, a scalpel made sonic,
Ah ! Superbad
Groovy-ass untraditionnal
Have I ended my bars or did I just take a stroll ?

I'm so evil I could pee on rhythm
If I drenched you it would create an anthem
Suck that song until you get high
Blow that bomb that flow will let you
Right on the first time like everybody's first scream
We all scream for Ice Cream
We all scream for vice scenes
We all scream on life needs
We all cream the world's ruin
Nevermind, bring the fun in

Bring it on, bring the fun in !

Quickforwarded séquences of last night
Unclear sight and earing, frozen feet blaaack Out drunk
The damn train is finally rollin', and blazin'
My eyes Hurt
 And in the morning it will be like :
How the fuck did I get here ?
I have no ideaaaa..r friends please tell me which kind of witchcraft this is

So here came the night, about 8 PM
The plan was compact, the contact about to be made
I took a walk on the back side 'cause Lou Reed helds the game
And when I came back it tuned into Alice In Chains

So Four Minutes later
I kicked your motherfucking face with a shot from the stars
X-Ray Delta ! Do you read me? Do you copy ?
Hottest day can make you feel foxy
Hotter night can read you like a puppy

Bring it on, bring the fun in !


from GLOOMY DAYS, released June 15, 2016
Bass : Cédric DESNEULIN aka le comte Eskafesse
Drum : Aurélien DESNEULIN aka L'empreur Mark Oreill
Guitar : Tristan FLORIN aka Docteur Florkin
Djing : Julien DELVILLE aka DJ Stam Iff la comète
Voice : Yassine BOUDLAL aka Mc BODY
Voice : Clément BREAKMAN aka Mc BOY



all rights reserved


Psykokondriak Lille, France

"PSYKOKONDRIAK possède le même grain de folie que possédaient les défunts BEASTIE BOYS en leur temps "

Psykokondriak est une hydre à six têtes, une chimère de rock’n roll et de Hip-Hop 90's.

Fusion de grooves imparables, de refrains entêtants, de scratch virtuoses et de flows ravageurs, le groupe gagne en renommée avec l'album " GLOOMY DAYS ", un authentique son " HIP HOP ROCK 'N ROLL "
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