Workless Dance

from by Psykokondriak



Workless Dance

I’m like god I can give you a job
Pray your God, in acapella mode
Sing me an ode
« Hell Yeah ! »

JOB GOD : I’m like god, I could give you a job, but I wanna choose the best
Of course there’s no dog but fight like wolves I will take care of your rests
A big party, for me…And I don’t even know my guests !  Will You dare drink a glass of water honey ? Before I decide you are thirsty ?

JOB DOG : But…But they saw me at the bakery, three times a day !
They saw me eyes sleepy hanging like a toubab for the cheapest kebab
They saw me at the épicerie, for rolling papers in the rain...
Again and again, I got my fame they got my face and also my name !

Cow me on, draft me,
Everybody hates that shit, play that shit
Come on, draft me
Why everybody plays that shit ?

First I quitted school, and then I felt stupid
Then I got a job, and then I felt stupid
I'm giving my best, I still feel stupid
I'm not giving up, am I that stupid ?

I am a musician
Would'nt say an artist but come on
I've worked hard I'm sleep deprived
Yet I know I won't be
JB or Ray Charles
Stupid ass world, I'm bored
And would be terrified if I thought of
Something worth worrying for
Fuck it dog, nevermind
Never mention how long you walked

Take that dream job and shut it up !
It's a shitjob, but it fills your fridge up !
Right kiddo, grow, lose your thrills
(and) Pay Your Bills

Cow me on, draft me,
Everybody hates that shit, play that shit
Come on, draft me sun is beyond, sun is behind
Supply army, demobilize, freelance
Let’s get rid of these fuckers,
Do the workless dance

You said I need it ? I said I take it And now…I’m about to Suicide. There’s nowhere I can hide. From my shitty paper !

Have you ever been forced to seek for a job ?
Have you ever wondered what you were looking for ?
I don't wanna get back, don't want another round
I don’t wanna get back, I don’t wanna get back

Keep your job away
Keep jour job away
Keep your job away
Keep your job away

And now I say that unemployement is really cool
I can’t do that shit, right now.
I feel stupid
I feel so damn stupid


from GLOOMY DAYS, track released June 15, 2016
Bass : Cédric DESNEULIN aka le comte Eskafesse
Drum : Aurélien DESNEULIN aka L'empreur Mark Oreill
Guitar : Tristan FLORIN aka Docteur Florkin
Djing : Julien DELVILLE aka DJ Stam Iff la comète
Voice : Yassine BOUDLAL aka Mc BODY
Voice : Clément BREAKMAN aka Mc BOY



all rights reserved


Psykokondriak Lille, France

"PSYKOKONDRIAK possède le même grain de folie que possédaient les défunts BEASTIE BOYS en leur temps "

Psykokondriak est une hydre à six têtes, une chimère de rock’n roll et de Hip-Hop 90's.

Fusion de grooves imparables, de refrains entêtants, de scratch virtuoses et de flows ravageurs, le groupe gagne en renommée avec l'album " GLOOMY DAYS ", un authentique son " HIP HOP ROCK 'N ROLL "
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